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... and the passion awakens. We are Kytec aka Kybanetic & L75, your DJ duo who firmly believe that music is more than just sounds and melodies. It has the power to break boundaries, open hearts and bring about change. Here at M8 Sound, we take you on a journey through the soundscapes of techno culture. Let's experience the magic of music together and share the passion for beats. M8 Sound - where music lives and hearts awaken."

Why are we doing this? 

Because beats are in our blood and the longing for the good old days of underground culture resonates in every beat. Unconventional events, DIY culture and pure, raw energy - all this has shaped us and drives us to share this passion with you.

In our online magazine, we explore the epic battle of the beats, the challenges of visibility and the values of the old underground culture. We don't just talk about the past; we invite you to become part of a movement that is changing the techno world not only with music, but also with a strong community.

Share your thoughts, memories and ideas with us. Comment here or write to us on our social media platforms. M8 Sound is not just about music; it's about a journey through time and the feelings that drive us. Let's start this journey together. M8 Sound - together we create something special. 


We, Kytec aka Kybanetic & L75, and our writers are the creators of M8 Sound, a magazine for the love of techno culture.

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