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Jacki-E: A sound maker with energy and passion

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Jacki-E, an outstanding DJ and producer from the vibrant United Kingdom. With a unique mix of techno and drum & bass, Jacki-E has established herself as an outstanding personality in the electronic music scene. Her musical journey manifests itself in two weekly radio shows: „Draw The Line„, which presents a diverse range of music by women, and „A Darker Wave„, which presents the latest techno releases.

Jacki-E's artistic identity is not only reflected in her DJ sets, but also in her own tracks and remixes, which have been released on renowned labels such as Get Physical, DeepDownDirty, Dead Groovy and others have been released. Their debut techno EP „Melodic Dream“ on UPUK Records in 2022 was a powerful expression of her unique style.

For Jacki-E, music is far more than just sound. It's an emotional rollercoaster, a flight of the soul, a sonic expedition that evokes anger, joy and love in equal measure. From epic techno rhythms to rousing drum & bass grooves, Jacki-E's music takes listeners on a journey full of energy, passion and excitement.

Her favourite genres, techno and drum & bass, are the driving force behind her creative journey. Using Serato and Rekordbox for DJ gigs and Ableton, Novation Keyboard and Serum for music production, Jacki-E has created her own sonic world. In particular, her monthly Beat Collective Challenge, where she transforms samples into original tracks, provides an insight into her innovative creative process.

But Jacki-E is not only a sound creator, she is also a pioneer for equal rights in the music scene. Through the initiation of „Draw The Line“ she wants to raise awareness of the impressive music produced by women and promote balance in festival and club line-ups.

Jacki-E is proud of her first EP „Melodic Dream“ and in particular a set at Club 43 in Northampton in May 2018 that captured the hearts of the audience. She faces challenges in the music industry with determination, especially in the fight for the recognition of music created by women.

Her musical palette is characterised by artists such as Charlotte de Witte, Amelie Lens, Rebekah and others. Looking to the future, Jacki-E is working on her second techno EP and her first drum and bass EP, both scheduled for release in 2024.

But Jacki-E is not only filled with the sounds of music. In August last year, she challenged herself and completed the Cumbria Way, a 72-mile long-distance route through the picturesque heart of the English Lake District, in an impressive five days.

Jacki-E, an artist whose musical currents are characterised by innovation, passion and determination - a true source of energy in the world of electronic music.

Your favourite techno tracks:

I Am Machin
Nothing Expected
Dark Wave








T.Schumacher & L.Palmer
Lysa Chain
HI-Lo, Space 92
Tini Gessler
Mike Redfield
Radion6 R6

What inspired you to become a DJ or producer?

We’d come home from a night out and want to listen to music, uninterrupted by the inane chatter of a DJ. So I’d get two You Tube windows open on my laptop and mix from one music video to the other. That led to us buying an entry level DJ Controller, learning to mix and putting mixes onto Soundcloud and Mixcloud.

A friend who was starting a community radio station wanted a dance music programme for Saturday evenings and she asked us if we’d like to do it as she’d listened to one of our mixes. We said yes with no idea as to what we’d need to do to put a radio show together. We had two weeks to prepare the first show. We did it and that was the start of A Darker Wave over eight and a half years ago.

What significance does music have for you personally?

Music lifts the emotions, calms the soul, heightens anger and frustration, creates loving and peaceful vibes, makes me want to dance, makes me want to sit down. It's a melody that lifts the soul to a pastoral paradise (Vaughan Williams' 'Lark Ascending') a riff that gets my heart pumping and my fists punching (The Damned 'New Rose') it's an infectious techno dance rhythm (HI-LO & Space 92 'Mercury') it's rebellious drill with an unforgettable melody and an emotional rap (Nino Uptown 'No Worries') it's a tune that triggers so many memories (James Taylor 'Sweet Baby James') it's that moment when I'm writing my own music and I get the drop just right or when I'm DJ-ing and the transitions flow and the dancefloor is jumping. It's all those things and much, much more.

Can you give us an insight into the creative process of music production?

It depends where I find the inspiration. I do something called the Beat Collective Challenge every month in which participants are provided with two samples and are invited to incorporate them into an original track. I start with the samples, decide how I’m going to use them, then develop drums, bassline, rhythm and melody to fit around them. If i’m not doing the challenge then I’ll start with the drums and bass then play around with a synth to create a good groove and build the track from there. If I’m doing a remix, the first thing I do is decide which parts of the original track i’m going to use in my remix, then build it from there.

Is there a particular track or set that you are particularly proud of?

I’m really proud of my first EP, „Melodic Dream„, which came out in 2022 on UPUK Records. Making the EP was a roller coaster of elation and frustration but I am so proud I completed it and feel very fortunate to have got it released through UPUK Records. AS for DJ sets, I’m particularly proud of the set I played in Club 43 in Northampton in May 2018. I’d only done a handful of club gigs before that, but I played a two hour set which went down really well.

What challenges have you overcome in the music industry so far?

It’s a challenge to get music that’s made by women heard and it’s a challenge to get festival and club line ups that are 50:50 balanced between the genders. That’s why I started Draw The Line to show that there’s a lot of great music being made by women and there are a lot of excellent female DJs.

How would you describe your musical style in three words?

Energetic, fiery, exciting

Are there any particular artists or genres that have had an influence on your work?

Artists that influence me today are Charlotte de Witte, Amelie Lens, Rebekah, Dasha Rush, UMEK, Space 92, Hi-Lo, Spectrasoul and Total Science. I love music that is stripped back, that has lots of space in it, that uses vocals and music to deliver a message or an emotion, that makes you want to dance, that makes you believe in it, that uses chord progressions, melodies or a beat that makes your hair stand on end and your spine tingle, that is exciting and challenging and that makes you think.

What do you want to achieve with your music or your sets?

All of the above!!! If I can touch people's emotions with my music, make them laugh or cry or dance until dawn, then that's a real achievement.

Do you have any future projects or releases that fans can look forward to?

I’m working on my second techno EP and my first drum and bass EP, and I’m hoping I can have them both ready for release in 2024.

Tell something funny or interesting about yourself that your fans may not yet know.

Last August I challenged myself to walk The Cumbria Way, which is a long distance route across the heart of the English Lake District. It was 72 miles in 5 days and I did it!!


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Jacki-E, a captivating artist who not only conquers the stage with her energetic soundscapes, but also enriches our magazine as a writer.

Jacki-E has not only proven her musical brilliance in techno and drum & bass, but has also made a distinctive contribution through her unique perspective as a writer. Her commitment to promoting women in the music scene is admirable and has inspired our entire team.

The initiation of "Draw The Line" by Jacki-E to showcase great music by women is a groundbreaking movement in the electronic music scene. Her commitment to equality and the creation of a platform for female artists has enriched our magazine in the long term.

Thank you, Jacki-E, for creating worlds of sound that enchant us and for the valuable enrichment you bring to our magazine as an author. We look forward to further musical adventures and to the creative impulses you continue to give us.

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