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Interviews – Klang-Gespräche

Welcome to "Sound talks" , the hip place for exclusive interviews...

...and fascinating insights into the world of techno! At M8 Sound, we are not only music lovers, but also storytellers who celebrate the beats and the makers behind them.

"Sound talks" is the hotspot when it comes to interviews with established legends and up-and-coming greats of the techno scene. Dive into our interviews, where basslines aren't the only thing that leave a lasting impression.

This site is more than just music. It's about the heroes and heroines behind the decks, their unique stories and the future of techno culture. "Sound talks" is the place where the beats are not only heard, but also felt.

Join us as we navigate the soundscapes of the techno scene. Not only will we talk music, but we'll also give you VIP access to the secrets and inspirations that drive our favourite DJs and producers. "Sound talks" - where interviews express the techno soul and the beats speak the true language! 


MPathy: "Focus on musical magic and openness!"

The personality behind the beats revealed!

Immerse yourself in the fascinating universe of MPathy, the sound adventurer with a youth without electronic love. Find out how diligence, ambition and open-heartedness are the cornerstones of his success. From hard techno roots to the unfolding of melodic techno, embark on a journey through the layered emotions and untold stories that shape his music. Are you ready to discover the soul behind the beats? ...


DJ Belocca: A look behind the scenes!

Backstage with DJ Belocca: beats, pizza and a pinch of techno magic!

We caught up with the incredible DJ Belocca for a behind-the-scenes look at his exciting musical journey. From his beginnings in the record store to his latest techno creations, this interview is a must-read for anyone who loves the diversity of beats!

Immerse yourself in the world of DJ Belocca, where tenacity meets creativity and personal stories become pulsating tracks. Let yourself be carried away by his unbridled energy and love of music.

We would like to say a huge thank you to DJ Belocca and his team for inviting us into their world. Get your favorite pizza, sit back and let the beats drive you.

Cheers and have fun immersing yourself in the world of beats!


Immerse yourself in the world of Natalia Maldo - Mvntrv - mantramusicca!

Experience a captivating interview with an exceptional artist, ...

...who sees techno not just as a music genre, but as a lifestyle and cultural movement. From her beginnings in electronic music to her personal creative processes and future plans - discover the fascinating journey of Natalia Maldo, also known as Mvntrv or mantramusicca.

Find out how Natalia develops her musical vision, how she deals with creative blocks and what role her environment plays in her music. 


Discover the world of Tanzamt:

An insight into music, positivity and social change!

Immerse yourself in a fascinating world full of music, passion and social change. We had the privilege to talk to the inspiring team of Tanzamt and would like to exclusively introduce you to the stories and visions behind this unique collective.

Find out how Tanzamt was founded in the Netherlands in 2012 and has since become a movement for music lovers and social activists worldwide. In our interview, they share their experiences, talk about special events, projects and the unique approach of using music as a tool for positive change.


Experience DJ Choon up close!

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of DJ Choon - an artist who not only inspires with his unique sound.

Experience DJ Choon up close and immerse yourself in his fascinating world. Discover his views on family, music and personal success. Learn from his experiences and mistakes, find out more about his musical influences and the creative process behind his tracks. DJ Choon shares his opinion on certain aspects of the techno scene and provides insights into his personal and professional development. ...


The exclusive interview!

Discover the essence of DJ E-viction:

🎧 A life in the beat: Find out how DJ E-viction has experienced over two decades of music history with highs and lows in our latest exclusive interview. From bold decisions to inspirational heroes - a behind-the-scenes look at a fascinating career.

🚀 Change and truthfulness: DJ E-viction shares his biggest life mistake with us. Let his philosophy inspire you: Don't be a sheep, speak the truth and compare yourself to what you were yesterday.

🎯 Goals and dreams: Find out first-hand what adventures DJ E-viction is planning. From international appearances to groundbreaking releases - the future holds great things in store.

🎶 Love the beat: Immerse yourself in the world of DJ E-viction, where techno is not just music, but a lifestyle. Click here to read the full interview and feel the vibrations of electronic music.