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DJ Belocca: A look behind the scenes!

DJ Belocca

Backstage with DJ Belocca: beats, pizza and a pinch of techno magic!

We caught up with the incredible DJ Belocca for a behind-the-scenes look at his exciting musical journey. From his beginnings in the record store to his latest techno creations, this interview is a must-read for anyone who loves the diversity of beats!

Immerse yourself in the world of DJ Belocca, where tenacity meets creativity and personal stories become pulsating tracks. Let yourself be carried away by his unbridled energy and love of music.

How do you want to grow old? When you imagine personally looking back on your life in the future, how would you like people to remember you and your personal experiences?

I always wanted to be someone leaving something good behind in this world when I go. I have had this profound thought since my childhood.

Biggest mistake in your life: Is there a personal mistake or decision in your life that has had a formative impact on you and from which you have learned important personal lessons?

I have made many mistakes, but I’m able to learn and adapt. Change is hard to be honest, it takes time. Sometimes life demands you to slam the breaks and do it differently. Or someone I respect sticks their head around the corner and hints me where to make a few changes. I have learned a lot from my manager on how to grow in this scene, so big up to him.

Main character trait: Which personal main character trait do you see as particularly formative for your personality in everyday life and in your creative work?

I think my „Persistence“ is the key to everything. What I really want with a burning desire, I do it no matter what and how many obstacles I have to take. I WILL find the way to reach my goals.

What are you ashamed of? Are there any personal moments or decisions in your own career that you are personally ashamed of in hindsight or that you have personally learned from?

I usually say, everything happens for a reason. So my biggest flaws have always been my greatest moments of growth. I have also enjoyed doing filter disco, house and tech-house house in the past, as much as I like making techno now.

Beginnings and inspiration: How did you first come into contact with techno, and what inspired you to produce music yourself or become a DJ?

As a kid, after school, I went to the local record shop listening to and buying vinyls. I loved all kinds of good dance music; from house, to electronic, to dark progressive to Techno. Music gifts good energies in life, which led me straight towards it, as I was always listening. When I heard the first mix tape by a DJ, I was overwhelmed. My parents offered to buy me a cheap set of turntables and CD players, which instantly got me mixing day and night. And to date, I’m still in love with mixing and making music, but now in front of people ;) Producing music followed shortly after with very simple PC and software set-ups. Nowadays, I am a huge Cubase adapt and a happy camper everytime updates or new plug-ins are released. That’s why we enjoy making sample packs as well through Mainground, to support growth.

Creative processes: Can you tell us about your creative process when producing tracks? Are there any particular sources of inspiration or rituals that you follow during the creative process?

Not any formula or spell hahaha :) I’m trying to listend my inner compass and feelings. I play around with sounds, melodies and beats and when I get a deep emotional sense from them, I work with them immediatey. The composition of sounds needs to add something to what I already feel inside. Apart from the regular club bangers, my compositions and track names often reflect strong personal emotions I went through not so long ago. I also love doing collaborations, as they give me insight on other people’s creative process. I feed off that!

Influences and favorite artists: Which artists or bands have influenced you significantly, and is there someone you consider to be your "techno hero"?

Carl Cox is definitely my Techno hero. He is a very good example on how just to be a good DJ. His personal energy is also fantastic. He is a very pure and humble person. I also really liked Danny Tenaglia’s sounds. He is a genious producer. I was always intrigued by the amazing sounds he used.

Technical aspects: What equipment or software do you prefer when producing music, and are there certain techniques that shape your signature sounds?

I have used Cubase for a long time now, but used Reason too in the past. There are no techniques, tricks or tips, just my feelings when I’m producing :) The way it should be for all, if you ask me.

Live performances: How do you prepare for live performances, and are there certain rituals or habits that you cultivate before a show?

A love a nice pizza before my performance !! :) Secondly, however not always, I like to meditate a little bit before the show. Last but not least, I also get many promos from other artists for my label Mainground Music and they always inspire me. I prefer to make a combination of my own tunes, ones released by Mainground mixed with belters from other artists. I DO always try to visualise the crowd reaction on the tracks when I am preparing my sets though.

Audience interaction: How does the reaction of the audience influence your song selection during a DJ set or your performance on stage?

If I feel the audience is not really into it yet, I’ll open my book of tricks to catch them somehow. That „testing“ time can take just one song, to sometimes up to 30 minutes! The trick is to never elevate yourself above the crowd, as you need to pull them in. That said, even the biggest names in the industry sometimes still encounter shit shows.

DJ Belocca

Memorable moments: Is there a particularly memorable experience or story from your career that you would like to share with us?

Yes. The year 2017 was a game changer for me. In a short time span I lost my dog, my broke up with my fiance and completely lost interest in doing tech-house. What to do next? I threw all these emotions in an album, which musically sits between tech-house and techno and sees me collaborating with some I’ve respected for a long time. Commercially it was a flop, but for me a life saver and the beginning of what I am doing now!

Development of the techno scene: How do you see the development of the techno scene in recent years? Are there any trends or changes that you have observed?

Yes. Hard Techno is still really big at the moment, but I cannot really feel that trend. I miss the soul in it. I don‘t follow the fashion either. I am a t-shirt and jeans kinda guy ;) Also, tunes are getting faster and faster, which honestly resulted in me making music faster tunes as well sometimes.

DJ Belocca

Collaborations: Are you interested in collaborations with artists from other genres? If so, who would you like to work with?

As mentioned before, I love collaborating with, or remixing other artists. They can be cross-genre, or I cook up a nice booty from one of my electronic heroes. Would love to make a track once with Carl Cox or any other greats and come up with something completely unexpected, but killer! Very soon, I will be releasing a remix I did for Kevin Saunderson’s Inner City with Idris Elba on spoken word. Truly exciting!

Future plans: What are your future projects and goals? Is there anything we can look forward to from you in the near future?

I want to make my label Mainground Music bigger and stronger. I want Belocca as a project to grow. I love traveling and meet good people all around the world and therefor want to play more! Traveling to different countries and experience peoples (food)culture and energies is the big bonus ;)

DJ Belocca

Genre exploration: Are you interested in experimenting beyond techno into other genres? If so, which genres could that be?

If still love old-school electro, tech-house and house. That is how I started you know?! We’ll see what the future brings, but I make a habit of not limiting myself.

Creative blocking: How do you deal with creative blocks if you have difficulty coming up with new ideas?

Don’t want to jinx it, but apart from 2017, luckily I never really have them! My engine is always on and ready to translate emotions and experiences into music.

Influence of the environment: Does the city or place where you live influence your music in any way? Are there places that particularly inspire you?

That‘s a good question, but the answer is no. I have experienced that my influences don‘t come from places where I am at, but from the people I meet and the experiences and emotions that come with them. I did however recently move to a beautiful little town in Hungary between rivers and mountains, which brings me peace of mind and my dog Kokusz also approves hahaha. That is always a good feeding ground to be creative ;)

DJ Belocca

Visualisierung in der Musik: Gibt es eine visuelle Komponente oder ein Bild, das du im Kopf hast, wenn du Musik produzierst? Wie versuchst du, Gefühle oder Stimmungen durch deine Musik zu vermitteln?

The feelings are already there from my experiences and the emotions that came with them. I take musical inspiration from experiences with friends, family and ladies. And sometimes a track just „gives“ something to me. It can be a tiny good feeling, which I will then amplify. And when I’m bored of what I’m doing, I just stop, throw it away, and start another project.

Connecting with the crowd: How do you manage to connect with your audience, both in the studio and during live performances?

In the studio I cannot connect with them because I really need that time for myself to create. When I have something, I can share it with my audience on Instragram and Tik Tok and ask „you like?“

In live performances I mostly need 4 to 5 mixes to size and catch the energy of the crowd and then I dance with them ;) I really love to play live when people are close to me. Festivals and big venues are different, but I love them for the scale of energy that comes your way. Intimidating and exciting at the same time!

DJ Belocca

Techno as a lifestyle: Do you see techno more as a music genre or as a lifestyle and cultural movement? How does this influence your approach to music?

Techno is just music to me. The people make the culture, lifestyle and fashion, but I do not follow these trends, whereas I do greatly appreciate what techno culture represented upon inception. I do what I do in my simple way :)

Looking back on beginnings: When you look back on your beginnings as a DJ or producer, is there anything you would advise your younger self?

Not really, because my younger self would not really understand what I advise I had to give ;)

Traveling and touring: How do traveling and touring influence your music and creative energy? Do you have any favorite places where you particularly enjoy DJing?

Traveling is a battery charger for me. I really like to meet new people and seeing the sights. Making music is much better after that.

DJ Belocca

Influence of film and art: Do movies or works of art influence your music? Are there certain films or artists that particularly inspire you?

Oh yes, Hans Zimmer‘s compositions for Interstellar. They are just brilliant.

Relationship with fans: How do you relate to your fans, especially in this day and age of social media?

I really love and respect my fans. I get many messages from them and try to reply tot hem all. Sometimes we can have a good talk as well when on the road. However, usually I’m very busy, so unfortunately that is getting more rare these days. In smaller venues after my shows I make an effort to have some drinks with them and have fun :)

Experiences with vinyl: Does vinyl have a special meaning for you, and how do you see the renaissance of vinyl in the electronic music scene?

Oh Yes. Vinly is vinyl. You can touch the music :) Many DJ‘s started to play with vinyl again, which I totally understand. But the one thing I don’t miss anymore is dragging these cases with me everywhere, as I always brought too many records to a show hahaha.

Mainground Music: What inspired you to start Mainground Music? How do you define the label's musical style?

I wanted a music place to call my own. Do what I like! When I made tracks for other labels I got feedback like „good, but not for us“ or „change this, change that“. My manager helped me to create the label for me and still is my label manager to date. The Mainground name came to me in a dream, where it was the name for a big event. Funny isn’t it? There is also a philosophy behind it, as „we are not underground, we are not mainstream, we are mainground!“ Not to be confined in sub-genres.

Best track according to Beatport: Metamorphosis (Marie Vaunt Remix) is considered your best track according to Beatport. Can you tell us more about the creation of this track and the collaboration with Marie Vaunt?

Ich freue mich sehr, dass der Track die Spitzenplätze auf Beatport und Spotify erreicht hat. Die Originalversion von Metamorphosis war unsere 100. Veröffentlichung auf Mainground Music (ein Meilenstein für sich) und wurde an meinem Geburtstag, dem 26. Mai dieses Jahres, veröffentlicht. Mein Manager schlug vor, einige spezielle Remixe dafür zu erstellen. Ich fand, dass Marie Vaunt auf jeden Fall eine Kandidatin für diesen Job war, denn ihre Sounds sind immer massiv und die Qualität ihrer Produktionen erstaunlich. Sie hat sogar eine Gesangsstimme beigesteuert! Darüber hinaus ist sie auch eine super nette Person. Ich denke, das war so gewollt.

Personal favorite track: Among all your releases, there are probably a few that are particularly close to your heart. Which is your personal favorite song and is there a special story behind it?

Fast jeder Track hat eine persönliche Geschichte, weil sie aus meinen eigenen Erfahrungen stammen. Metamorphosis ist einer meiner Favs, weil dieser Track die persönlichen und beruflichen Veränderungen in meinem Leben symbolisiert und Metamorphosis der perfekte Titel dafür war.

Podcast: Mainground Music Sessions: The Mainground Music Sessions are an integral part of your presence. How has the podcast developed over time and what do you try to convey to the listeners with the sessions?

My podcast is the platform where I can showcase new music and play what I like. It is also a monthly „thank you“ to my fans, who are not always able to come to where I play! It further allows me to support tunes from friends, colleagues and the new generation. And when we host our Mainground Sessions events, we always record the sets and release them in our podcast. I have a history in making radio too, so podcasting is close to my heart.

Creative restlessness: In your career, you have shown an impressive variety of creative activities. What drives you to be so restless and versatile in the music scene?

Restless is a good word, because I like the vibe of it. I always like to do something! I become super bored when nothing is happening. However, sometimes it is really hard to switch off, but I have to for my own sanity hahaha.

Inspiration in times of unrest: How do you find inspiration during periods of creative restlessness? Are there certain places, people or experiences that help you to recharge your batteries?

When my batteries are down I need solitude. Take a walk in the forest, the mountains, or by the river with my dog. Or just speak randomly with nice people. Then eat something nice (Pizza hahaha) and switch of the phone to clear the mind and accomplish a digital detox.

Musical superhero duo: If you could team up with a superhero to save the world with music, which superhero would it be and why?

I like all the superhero movies, so it‘s hard to choose only one :) But OK, Iron Man it is!

A time-traveling DJ set: You could travel to a specific era in music history and play a DJ set. Which era would you travel to and why?

What a nice question :) The year is 2000, a boat party, Lake Balaton, Hungary. It was my first boat party where all my favorite Hungarian DJ’s were playing and the vibe there was just amazing. I would now play on that night too!

Animal DJ name: If you had to choose a DJ name based on an animal, which animal would you choose and why?

Tasmanian Devil. He is also my favourite Looney Tunes character :)

"Cheers to DJ Belocca and the management!"

A huge thank you to DJ Belocca for the cool vibes and the relaxed look behind the scenes of his musical world. Your passion for music is infectious and we really enjoyed the journey through tech house, techno and everything in between!

We would also like to thank the management team for their cooperation and the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the creative world of DJ Belocca.

Herewith we raise our glasses and say: Thank you for the beats, the stories and the good times! May the music continue to flow and reach people all over the world.

Cheers and keep up the good work!


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