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Experience DJ Choon up close and immerse yourself in his fascinating world. Discover his views on family, music and personal success. Learn from his experiences and mistakes, find out more about his musical influences and the creative process behind his tracks. DJ Choon shares his opinion on certain aspects of the techno scene and provides insights into his personal and professional development. Learn more about his preferences in terms of music production and live performances, his interaction with the audience and the influence of traveling on his creative energy. DJ Choon also gives an outlook on the future of techno music and shares his thoughts on current developments in the scene. Dive into the world of DJ Choon and find out what drives and inspires him as an artist.

How do you want to grow old? When you imagine personally looking back on your life in the future, how would you like people to remember you and your personal experiences?

I want to be remembered firstly as a great Son, Husband and Father as family should always be priority for any man and also as someone who gave something to the Music industry. 

My goal is to have helped and inspired anyone with an interest in making music whether its DJing or producing there own tracks, I always buzz just as much if not more from helping others achieve their goals.

Biggest mistake in your life: Is there a personal mistake or decision in your life that has had a formative impact on you and from which you have learned important personal lessons?

I had a massive break away from music due to Family/Personal reasons and feel like i’ve missed so much time but everything happens for a reason and now I’m hungry, Lets av it!!!!!

Main character trait: Which personal main character trait do you see as particularly formative for your personality in everyday life and in your creative work?

My main strength is my determination to succeed. I won’t stop until i have achieved my goals. I don’t give up

What should the scene be ashamed of? Do you think there are personal aspects of the techno scene that it should be ashamed of? If so, what personal approaches would you take to bring about positive change?

Imposters who just wanna be superstars, Some of the so called DJs in the scene getting paid for their looks and can’t DJ or produce, Using Ghost writers and playing prerecorded sets. Enough to make ya blood boil, And the ones buying likes and plays like WTF!!!!

What are you ashamed of? Are there any personal moments or decisions in your own career that you are personally ashamed of in hindsight or that you have personally learned from?

Playing Tech House hahaha - No just joking. Im ashamed of nothing, I did what i did because i wanted to at the time so fuck it…

Beginnings and inspiration: How did you first come into contact with techno, and what inspired you to produce music yourself or become a DJ?

I have been a raver since going to my first club at the age of 15 years old and i knew then it would be my life..

Creative processes: Can you tell us about your creative process when producing tracks? Are there any particular sources of inspiration or rituals that you follow during the creative process?

Im always drawn towards a good hook, Melody or voice sample. Any of them things ik really like i build around it and put it all together like a jigsaw. Just ry have fun with it and no give myself any pressure

Influences and favorite artists: Which artists or bands have influenced you significantly, and is there someone you consider to be your "techno hero"?

I don’t like to call anyone heroes in Techno, We are all human and all the same blood and bones, I do however have influences and this is mainly from the people i work with.
Having good people around you is key, I’ve Massive respect for N.O..B.A, Sandro Mure, Rakkatack & UK Artists M-Zone, Jake Nicholls and Bad Panda if i have to name a few who have been in the game and shown me the mutual respect and support to help me on my journey.

Technical aspects: What equipment or software do you prefer when producing music, and are there certain techniques that shape your signature sounds?

I use Logic Pro for producing and my go to plugins are Serum, PhoSycon2. Techniques is a tough one to answer because this would all depend on the type of track i was making, I try to bring unique different sounds to each track and make the next one so much different to the last.

Live performances: How do you prepare for live performances, and are there certain rituals or habits that you cultivate before a show?

I honestly try not to think too much in advance about performances and take a wide selection of tracks with me and play to the vibe of the room. Planned sets are boring, I prefer to freestyle and see what happens its much more fun.

Audience interaction: How does the reaction of the audience influence your song selection during a DJ set or your performance on stage?

To me it doesn’t apply to much as what i play always gets a reaction, If you have the right selection you will get a good reaction. Please them by playing bangers….You know the ones that are gonna go down well before they even dropped.


Memorable moments: Is there a particularly memorable experience or story from your career that you would like to share with us?

Last year i was booked to play for Sonaxx Records at the Mannheim and was traveling with my friend and DJ Colleague Tim G from the UK. We had 3 flights cancelled throughout the day and we were offered only 1 ticket so only one of us could go to Germany. The ticket was offered to Tim and my offer was a ticket for the next day which was no good as i would have missed the event. Lucky i have a good friend in Tim as he gave up his ticket for me to go which meant he could not go so i owe him big time for that. When i arrived in Mannheim i was late for my agreed set time and was given a chance to play in the second arena so i could still play at the event but one of the Headliners (N.O.B.A) asked me to play with him a B2B in the main arena which was amazing. We now plan to do many more together.

Development of the techno scene: How do you see the development of the techno scene in recent years? Are there any trends or changes that you have observed?

The scene has changed in the UK as far as underground event are concerned. Not enough support is given to the smaller events and usually just end up with small crowds and frustrated promoters and artists, however the really big events do well and ravers turn top by the thousand. Where are all these people when the smaller events are on? If the underground scene and up and comers are not supported the scene will eventually vanish in my opinion which is a massive shame for UK Techno… There are some towns and cities that do better than others though.

Collaborations: Are you interested in collaborations with artists from other genres? If so, who would you like to work with?

Currently not really interested in working with other Genres as there are so many talented producers in the Techno Scene and would rather network and make allies in this genre as a priority

Future plans: What are your future projects and goals? Is there anything we can look forward to from you in the near future?

I would like to work on my production and continue to grow as an artist. There is so much to learn and i guess i would like to be able to bring out a successful full album one day which is played by top artists and festival and big events. I would also love to have the opportunity to be able to play my track myself to huge crowds, I am sure this would be the ultimate buzz.

Genre exploration: Are you interested in experimenting beyond techno into other genres? If so, which genres could that be?

I may try make some DNB or HARD TRANCE as some stage but right now i have no plans for this.

Creative blocking: How do you deal with creative blocks if you have difficulty coming up with new ideas?

I try to listen to some old school 90s rave music from back in the day, Music i grew up listening to. This normally gives me some ideas or i look for a god sample and try work around that.

Influence of the environment: Does the city or place where you live influence your music in any way? Are there places that particularly inspire you?

No. Techno is unknown virtually where i am from. I look at the scene in Europe with envy, Germany is the land of Techno for me.

Connecting with the crowd: How do you manage to connect with your audience, both in the studio and during live performances?

When Djing to crowds i tend to get carried away a bit and shout things to them and dance along with them to try raise the atmosphere and feel connected with the music and dance floor


Techno as a lifestyle: Do you see techno more as a music genre or as a lifestyle and cultural movement? How does this influence your approach to music?

Its 100% a lifestyle for me personally as i eat sleep and breath Techno. Its a massive juggling act trying to fit in time for everything else.

Favorite club or venue: Is there a particular club or venue that you consider your favorite place to perform and why?

I have been lucky enough the past few years to play quite a few places in Europe and the UK but i have to say my Favourite club is Leeds, Beaverworks as this is close to home and I’m always surrounded by my friends.

Looking back on beginnings: When you look back on your beginnings as a DJ or producer, is there anything you would advise your younger self?

Keep going and don’t stop. I have a massive break away from music and if i could change that then maybe i would but it was for the right reasons.


Digital vs. analog: What's your take on the digital vs. analog music production debate? Do you have a clear preference?

Im in the Digital age currently and do not use any analog equipment so I’m slightly biased to say Digital but i have a massive respect for anyone using analog equipment for production.

Experience with remixes: If you had the opportunity to remix a track by another artist, which one would it be and why?

I would love have the opportunity to remix any of the classics from my youth. Anything from Scott Brown, Mzone, Any of the UK old school generation really.

Traveling and touring: How do traveling and touring influence your music and creative energy? Do you have any favorite places where you particularly enjoy DJing?

I’ve been lucky enough to play in Holland, Czeck republic, Germany, Ireland and all over the UK in the past couple of years but i really love going to Germany. They just love Techno on another level.

Ritual before a performance: Is there a specific ritual or habit you practice before every performance to prepare yourself?

Can’t say i have any Rituals or Habits to be honest, Sorry i don’t have an exciting answer for you i just normally meet friends first and have a few drinks to unwind. I do like to get a feel for the venue and crowd before i get on stage though. I guess this is my ritual.

Favorite instrument: Do you have a favorite instrument or special equipment that has a permanent place in your music production?

Gotta love the Acid sound from the Roland TB303. It never gets old..

Collaborations with visual artists: Can you imagine collaborating with visual artists in the future to combine your music with visual elements?

I would love to make a music video for one of my tracks one day, which would be pretty cool, yeah, why not....

Influence of film and art: Do movies or works of art influence your music? Are there certain films or artists that particularly inspire you?

I like it when i hear a sample that’s been taken from a familiar movie yeah that’s cool but personally i’ve not used anything from movies yet but I’m pretty sure it’s on the agenda. I have a few ideas but i keep these to myself for now.

Relationship with fans: How do you relate to your fans, especially in this day and age of social media?

I try to keep in touch with everyone on facebook or instagram and am available through the messenger services. Its always nice to receive positive messages about my work and learn how people have received it…

Experiences with vinyl: Does vinyl have a special meaning for you, and how do you see the renaissance of vinyl in the electronic music scene?

All my favourite old school artists used to play vinyl at events which was really special and a real talent, Vinyl will always have a special place in the scene and I’m hoping to start my personal collection next year all being well.

Favorite set length: Do you have a favorite set length to best showcase your artistic vision and why?

An hour always feels to short, I like 1 and half hours to 2 hours as i feel this is perfect to build tension in a set and end on a high.

The future of techno music: How do you see the future of techno music? Are there any developments or trends that you are particularly excited about?

I see changes all the time in Techno, This is what makes Techno so much fun as there are no limits, So many sub genres to keep it interesting. I like it all and still have not decided what type of Techno i play or produce. I just like it all haha


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