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🎧 A life in the beat: Find out how DJ E-viction has experienced over two decades of music history with highs and lows in our latest exclusive interview. From bold decisions to inspirational heroes - a behind-the-scenes look at a fascinating career.

🚀 Change and truthfulness: DJ E-viction shares his biggest life mistake with us. Let his philosophy inspire you: Don't be a sheep, speak the truth and compare yourself to what you were yesterday.

🎯 Goals and dreams: Find out first-hand what adventures DJ E-viction is planning. From international appearances to groundbreaking releases - the future holds great things in store.

🎶 Love the beat: Immerse yourself in the world of DJ E-viction, where techno is not just music, but a lifestyle.

Biggest mistake in your life: Is there a personal mistake or decision in your life that has had a formative impact on you and from which you have learned important personal lessons?

The Biggest Mistake in life/career was to allow A long term partner convince me to give up music/djing for nearly 21yrs due to having a family until we split in 2019! You should never allow someone to make you dismiss something thats means a lot to you and your character!


It's been a slow process but slowly getting there trying to catch up especially in this digital age from vinyl era!

Main character trait: Which personal main character trait do you see as particularly formative for your personality in everyday life and in your creative work?

Don't be a Sheep and speak the truth as you believe it to be and be as true to yourself as possible ! Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today!

What should the scene be ashamed of? Do you think there are personal aspects of the techno scene that it should be ashamed of? If so, what personal approaches would you take to bring about positive change?

It's easy to bring up the usual ..Djs being booked based on followers and not the skills or flavor they play but money talks unfortunately !

Beginnings and inspiration: How did you first come into contact with techno, and what inspired you to produce music yourself or become a DJ?

I started listening to hip hop when i was 10-11 loved the scratching!.. Derek B bad young brother was the first LP i bought and got into hardcore techno at around 12.. Key 103 with Stu Allen..crash fm Liverpool and signal fm all great stations

Influences and favorite artists: Which artists or bands have influenced you significantly, and is there someone you consider to be your "techno hero"?

DJ Brisk was an inspiration growing up! His mixing was smooth and elite! Carl cox when he played hardcore techno and Stu Allan on key 103 Manchester all were inspirational to me!

Live performances: How do you prepare for live performances, and are there certain rituals or habits that you cultivate before a show?

I always take time to prepare a set sometimes 3/4 hours of tune hunting the correct playlist for the specific night is important, i always keep to my style which is dark moody heavy based industrial techno no matter what bpm i always keep my flavor!

Memorable moments: Is there a particularly memorable experience or story from your career that you would like to share with us?

My daughter whose now 21 was brought up on dj rush, amok, frank kvitta and especially Club Kinetic cds in my car growing up. When i played live for the first time after 2019 at Subtek it meant alot to have her in the crowd to see me back playing live!

Future plans: What are your future projects and goals? Is there anything we can look forward to from you in the near future?

So far, every new year eve night ive set myself a target for the following year. Last year i said i want to release my first track which i did on Mini-Tek recordings Germany A remix of Jim Solis's Dirty Type Of Funk(Synapse Bomb remix) Check it out! And my 2nd goal was to play in a different country live..i played at techno connect Scotland back in April 2023!


For 2024... my goal is to play in Europe and USA! im a resident on 2 radio stations in the US, Los Angeles and of New York city! Both fantastic station but to play in New York especially is my goals for 2024.

Genre exploration: Are you interested in experimenting beyond techno into other genres? If so, which genres could that be?

No im quite happy sticking with Industrial techno and peak time techno for the foreseeable future!

Influence of the environment: Does the city or place where you live influence your music in any way? Are there places that particularly inspire you?

I think Liverpool and Manchester is a hot bed for hard techno but i always like the germans when it comes to techno! i have a lot of german followers and have some very good producer friends from Germany to mention one would be Atze Ton! i work with him on fnoob techno radio with a show thats become increasingly popular called Industrial Bedlam! We both co-host this 2hr show so i think German techno has always inspired me from the early days of the 1990s.

Techno as a lifestyle: Do you see techno more as a music genre or as a lifestyle and cultural movement? How does this influence your approach to music?

Techno for me is a way of life, techno is form of therapy i find! so yes it's certainly a lifestyle!

Traveling and touring: How do traveling and touring influence your music and creative energy? Do you have any favorite places where you particularly enjoy DJing?

I enjoy the traveling to gigs and the sight seeing in new different places! It's a great lifestyle and luckily to be a part of it!

Influence of film and art: Do movies or works of art influence your music? Are there certain films or artists that particularly inspire you?

When i returned to the techno scene in 2019 getting used to the digital decks i.e pioneers took a bit of getting used to! Mixing wise its alot easier although i trust my ears rather than the sync technology so never sync! i also think its a lazy way of djing being brought up on belt drive and then direct drive decks then suddenly the skill of finding the bpm/pitch quick as possible to bring in another tune smoothly had gone! That's the advance of technology i guess i believe its a fantastic job so dont disrespect it by being lazy but for some thats all they know so each to their own but im old school so will stick to my style!

Relationship with fans: How do you relate to your fans, especially in this day and age of social media?

I like to be open and helpful to anyone that follows me on my sound cloud and facebook/insta! I will always reply to questions and track IDs as i like to have a good rapport as its not just about playing music its being a sound person and having respect for the scene!

Experiences with vinyl: Does vinyl have a special meaning for you, and how do you see the renaissance of vinyl in the electronic music scene?

I was brought up on belt drive decks and then technics 1210s mid 90s and had my first residency at the age of 17 in a club called rosies in Chester UK! However, i dont see a change in the near furture think vinyl has had its day and digital is here to stay!

The future of techno music: How do you see the future of techno music? Are there any developments or trends that you are particularly excited about?

I feel techno hasn't really advanced since mid 90s that much. When you consider it was nearly 30 years ago its not really advanced when you think 30 years back from mid 90s we were listening to elvis and abba!! :D so i dont really see techno changing a great deal in the next 5-10 years!

🙌 Dear Dave "DJ E-viction",

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the candid insights, the inspiring stories and the powerful energy you shared with us. Your words are not just notes, but a symphony that has transported us into your musical world.

Your willingness to talk about the highs and lows of your journey, from the beginnings to the future peaks, has inspired us. Your dedication to the truth, authenticity and adherence to your unique style are an inspiration to anyone who feels the beat.

A special thank you for your time, openness and the sonorous insights into your creative world. We are honored to be part of this journey and can't wait to experience the continuation of your musical odyssey.

May the beat always beat in your heart and the bass of your path always be clear and powerful.

With deep respect and musical appreciation,


"Support. Share. Unite!"

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