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Natalia Maldo - Mvntrv - mantramusicca

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...who sees techno not just as a music genre, but as a lifestyle and cultural movement. From her beginnings in electronic music to her personal creative processes and future plans - discover the fascinating journey of Natalia Maldo, also known as Mvntrv or mantramusicca.


Find out how Natalia develops her musical vision, how she deals with creative blocks and what role her environment plays in her music. 

How do you want to grow old? When you imagine personally looking back on your life in the future, how would you like people to remember you and your personal experiences?

I don't think about it, but I think about sharing, following my intuition, surrounded by precious beings. I am aware of the task with which I walk through the world and work with love to fulfill it, with the awareness that a higher power exists that awakens the most beautiful qualities in beings.

Biggest mistake in your life: Is there a personal mistake or decision in your life that has had a formative impact on you and from which you have learned important personal lessons?

I think that's what this experience is all about: we are constantly making decisions that shape our path. Thousands of lessons have made me who I am today.

Main character trait: Which personal main character trait do you see as particularly formative for your personality in everyday life and in your creative work?

Self-knowledge: You have the opportunity to learn something about yourself every day, you open yourself up to change in order to develop further.

Natalia Maldo - Mvntrv - mantramusicca

Beginnings and inspiration: How did you first come into contact with techno, and what inspired you to produce music yourself or become a DJ? How would you describe your musical style?

I started exploring the world of electronic music at the age of 13, different speeds, genres and sub-genres. Techno music is a door that I also opened internally, and I started studying it when I was 18, I was interested in its composition, its characteristic sounds, its great speeds, it was a whole new world for me. I think I was inspired by the search for new sounds that characterized what I wanted to convey at that moment, I discovered each of the facets that inspire me and I want to awaken this inspiration in others. Dance is a powerful source of energy, I want to bring each individual to connect with the divinity that exists within them.

Natalia Maldo - Mvntrv - mantramusicca

I try not to close myself off musically, my style is versatile but full of energy. I try to achieve a coherent sequence from different perspectives and speeds. In my set you can find acid, melodic, progressive sounds, I also like wide and powerful basses.

Experiences with vinyl: Does vinyl have a special meaning for you, and how do you see the renaissance of vinyl in the electronic music scene?

Vinyl always arouses an artist's curiosity, I think it keeps us present in the past, in history, it's definitely a very strong artistic expression because it brings us to a more direct connection. I think we should learn more about this format nowadays.

Digital vs. analog: What's your take on the digital vs. analog music production debate? Do you have a clear preference?

I don't have a preference, I think we can learn valuable lessons from all formats.

Creative processes: Can you tell us about your creative process when producing tracks? Are there any particular sources of inspiration or rituals that you follow during the creative process?

Above all, I try to have a clear concept to start the creative process. This helps us to have a clearer idea of the sounds that should convey the desired message. I try to keep my mind calm and free of expectations and pay attention to every detail, because I believe that the magic is in the details. It is important that the space is comfortable and pleasant.

Influence of the environment: Does the city or place where you live influence your music in any way? Are there places that particularly inspire you?

I think our environment and the people around us make a significant contribution to who we are and who we will be in the future.


I draw inspiration from the Colombian beaches, rivers and mountains, and I always try to recharge my batteries in these places.

Apart from music, what interests and hobbies do you have that might influence your creative work?

Well, I try to spend my time doing things that make me feel good and I organize my time as best I can. I often find it difficult to keep up with other people's schedules, I mean mental or physical fatigue getting in the way of my creative energy, but on the other hand I have a handmade accessories business, I also design graphic work for networks or print. Art in all its forms of expression contributes positively to my creative approach and my self-confidence, because everything has to do with what I want to be.

Creative blocking: How do you deal with creative blocks if you have difficulty coming up with new ideas?

I think it's about giving yourself space and you need to be able to breathe. When I have a block, I like to focus on another project.

Looking back on beginnings: When you look back on your beginnings as a DJ or producer, is there anything you would advise your younger self?

I would emphasize how important it is to make the most of your time, to strive to be better, to learn something new, it's important to trust yourself and stay in gratitude.

Education and influences: How did your studies in music production and singing affect your artistic development? Are there any particular teachers or mentors who have had a special influence on you?

Music is a very wide world, production, singing and practicing mixing are factors that have improved my listening skills, helped me to better understand the language of music and to see music from different perspectives.


I had a singing teacher at the school ¨Bellas Artes¨ in my city. From a young age I was shy, I was afraid to express myself, my teacher made me overcome the limits I had set for myself and helped me to develop my voice, so she will always be special to me.

Influence of film and art: Do movies or works of art influence your music? Are there certain films or artists that particularly inspire you?

Yes, one of them is George Harrison. I recently received the book "George Harrison and the Mantra" as a gift. It's a fascinating book for me, and I'd like to tell you a little about it:


Everyone is in search of Krishna. Some people are not aware of it, but they are.Krishna is God, the source of all that exists, the cause of all that is, was and will be. Since God is unlimited, he has many names. Allah, Buddha, Jehovah, Räma, all are one. By serving God through every thought, word and action, by chanting His holy names, one inevitably attains the state of Krishna¨ consciousness.


This book is very related to my first publication 'Kirtan Lova¨, the chanting in this production was recorded in a kirtan with devotees in my city, kirtan is a group practice that brings many people together to chant the same mantras in community.

Natalia Maldo - Mvntrv - mantramusicca

Traveling and touring: How do traveling and touring influence your music and creative energy? Do you have any favorite places where you particularly enjoy DJing?

The opportunity to show my art in other regions is something that makes me grateful and inspired. You meet wonderful people, have new experiences, have the opportunity to visit natural wonders and get to know other cultures - it's something quite magical.


Every city has its charm and it will always be a pleasure to return there, but I love performing in Barranquilla Atlántico, Cali Valle del Cauca, Santa Marta Magdalena and Tunja Boyacá. These are places that have recharged me in an impressive way and I hope to return this year and get to know new places.

Influence of technology: What impact has advancing technology had on the way you produce or DJ music?

Technology can be counterproductive in many cases because it facilitates the processes that help us train our perception. That's why I believe that as artists we need to know how to use it, either to perfect our techniques or to rely on the amount of information it provides us with over the years.

Technical aspects: What equipment or software do you prefer when producing music, and are there certain techniques that shape your signature sounds?

I use Ableton and its native tools, support some VSTs for EQ, distortion and spectrum, work with drum racks to create MIDI maps and tune all the instruments. I like to play with different percussions and effects to give my tracks a more subtle edge.

Project "Hard Unity: Could you tell us more about how the "Hard Unity" project came about and what its goals are? What challenges and successes have you experienced with "Hard Unity" so far?

Hard Unity was born out of the non-conformity of two artists, out of the intention to support good local artists. That's why we decided to launch this project together with my husband.


First and foremost, Hard wants to support the scene in our country. I believe that in Colombia we are much more interested in importing talent; I'm not saying that's negative, but it's also important to highlight our musical culture.


We want to break down borders and create spaces for musical connections so that we have the opportunity to showcase artists growing in my city and in the country in different regions, in all corners. We want to create spaces where everyone feels welcome and can free their being, their spirit, from the materiality we live in, to make Hard an ever bigger family that loves music as much as we do and immerse it in their whole world. We are open to sharing, teaching and learning.

Genre exploration: Are you interested in experimenting beyond techno into other genres? If so, which genres could that be?

I haven't given up on the facet that sparked my interest in electronic sounds. As a producer, my focus is on techno, but progressive house, melodic house and funk are genres that I have great respect for. I stay true to the 'Natalia Maldonado' line and keep myself open to different areas.


On the other hand, I've been attracted to Latin hip hop for a long time. I would love to incorporate it into my sound or make it one of my favorite hobbies.

Memorable moments: Is there a particularly memorable experience or story from your career that you would like to share with us?

I remember two of my gigs in the Caribbean, specifically in Santa Marta and Barranquilla with ¨Ministry Rave¨. It was the biggest audience in my DJ career, very exciting, I felt like it was the perfect place and the perfect time, plus I met wonderful artists and people that I work with today.

Collaborations with visual artists: Can you imagine collaborating with visual artists in the future to combine your music with visual elements?

I would love to do that, it would be an enrichment that would make the experience much more meaningful.

Audience interaction: How does the audience's reaction influence your song selection during a DJ set or your performance on stage?

Analyzing the track is one of the most important factors in my performance. I like to build a relationship with the audience because I believe that you want to make an impact with your music. It's exciting for me to make that connection because the feeling of wellbeing and fluidity is mutual, for both the audience and the artist.

Natalia Maldo - Mvntrv - mantramusicca

Relationship with fans: How do you relate to your fans, especially in this day and age of social media?

No big deal, I like interacting with people and getting them involved. I read and reply to their messages all the time, I've made some good friends.

Favorite set length: Do you have a favorite set length to best showcase your artistic vision and why?

At least 2 hours, I usually move in a range between 145 - 155 bpm, I can create a consistent and ascending line with the sounds that characterize me in that space. I'm a fan of a lot of dynamics in my DJ set, I often do tempo changes unless I really like a track from start to finish and prefer to give it more space in my performance. If I have the chance to play longer, that's great.

Natalia Maldo - Mvntrv - mantramusicca

What are you ashamed of? Are there any personal moments or decisions in your own career that you are personally ashamed of in hindsight or that you have personally learned from?

Sure, we are constantly evolving, I have learned to accept and embrace who I was.

Development of the techno scene: How do you see the development of the techno scene in recent years? Are there any trends or changes that you have observed?

Nowadays, we can observe how techno music has become a trend that includes listeners of all ages. In the age of social media, techno has also become a fashion trend.

Techno as a lifestyle: Do you see techno more as a music genre or as a lifestyle and cultural movement? How does this influence your approach to music?

Lifestyle: My priority is to develop myself in all aspects that help me improve as an artist. There is a very strong cultural background behind techno music that I want to cultivate for a long time to come.

Future plans: Are there any upcoming projects or releases we can look forward to? How do you see your music and career developing in the future?

Of course there is, I will soon be participating in some compilations for two labels in my country; Acid Mountains Records and Asylum Recordings. It will be on platforms soon.


I plan to let myself go, I have some future projects in mind, such as further cultivating my singing process. We'll see...

Natalia Maldo - Mvntrv - mantramusicca

Advice: What advice would you give to aspiring producers and labels looking to break into the techno scene?

Build your musical identity day by day, learn from everything that surrounds you, but remember that the goal is to reach yourself. Never stop practicing and learning, don't think you already know everything. Live each of your processes without forcing them and trust yourself. Music is for sharing.

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