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Immerse yourself in a fascinating world full of music, passion and social change. We had the privilege to talk to the inspiring team of Tanzamt and would like to exclusively introduce you to the stories and visions behind this unique collective.

Find out how Tanzamt was founded in the Netherlands in 2012 and has since become a movement for music lovers and social activists worldwide. In our interview, they share their experiences, talk about special events, projects and the unique approach of using music as a tool for positive change.

History and origin:

Could you tell us more about how the idea for Tanzamt came about and how the community was founded in the Netherlands in 2012?

On the one hand, the project arose from a mental change in our perception of reality and the urge to convey our perspectives with the help of this new view. We wanted to question much of what most people see as "normal" with our passion for "music". Our hope is to bring about change in all possible areas of society, to make our voice heard and to show that things could be different in our society. However, we have noticed that a large proportion of people fundamentally have the same needs. Unfortunately, this "common will" is often forgotten. People persist in the most diverse detailed ideas and move further away from a common path. We also wanted to clarify this disagreement with our collective.

With Tanzamt, we succeeded in combining music with various topics that were close to our hearts. With music you can tell a story and make people think. Music has always been a great love, it conveys connection, warmth and a feeling of happiness. In its early days, Tanzamt had the idea of combining music with a social theme. The parties we have organized over the years have brought people together and created excitement. As we like to say: music with a message.


What types of events are offered at the Tanzamt? Are there any special focuses or topics that you concentrate on?

We organize parties in clubs, at festivals and in closed groups. The focus is always on social issues. It is very important to us to focus on the positive. One example of this is our Kleurenblind (colorblind) event. With this we wanted to add color to the "grey everyday life". Posters with positive messages were made and hung throughout the club. The messages are subconsciously transmitted to the visitors and have always created a pleasantly positive atmosphere. Dr. Masaru Emoto has shown with his water experiments that the use of positive texts/images/music has a positive influence on the environment.


Musical style:

How would you describe the musical style or musical focus of Tanzamt? Are there certain genres that are particularly emphasized?

In the initial phase we concentrated on free music, the field is very broad, as we are divided into all kinds of DJs in the Tanzamt, we should be seen more as a community. It's not about Jonas and me, but about our Tanzbeamte DJs, who have been faithfully supporting us for years to keep this project going. So any style of music is allowed. Most of the artists focus on techno, tech house, deep house and other forms of electronic dance music. It should be dynamic, encourage movement and thinking.

Community and audience:

How has the community around Tanzamt developed? Who is the main audience and what kind of atmosphere are you aiming for?

Tanzamt is for everyone who has the courage to think for themselves, who can research and form their own opinion. Over the years, many people have joined the community. Artists who have supported us with musical contributions and people who are looking for depth in music. Remember, those who do good, meet good! Together we are strong. We convey this positive attitude to our audience.


Special events or projects:

Are there any special events, projects or collaborations that you are particularly proud of? What sets Tanzamt apart from other venues or organizations?

Our events always have a special theme/focus. However, we are especially proud of all the artists who support us, make music and make Tanzamt what it is. The friendships and respectful communication among each other is what we value the most. Thus, our organization is a group of friends that is always growing.

Interaction with artists:

How does Tanzamt interact with artists? Do you offer platforms for up-and-coming talents or do you have well-known artists as guests?

Tanzamt brings together many artists who we also call "dance officials". A select group of artists with whom we work intensively. They regularly make podcasts for us and can also be booked through us.

Technology and innovation:

To what extent does technology play a role at Tanzamt? Are there any innovative approaches or technologies that are integrated into your events or activities?

As we like to experiment, we spent some time working on visualization using lasers and projectors. Innovation is fun, but not easy. For example, we come up against problems from time to time. For example, there was the idea of live streaming parties, but that didn't really work out due to all kinds of regulations and often too weak internet. One of our members "Laduch" has been very busy building electronic components and managed to build a working bluetooth speaker. The self-built battery lasts for several hours and the volume is like at a small festival. At the same time, a battery pack was developed to use a DJ set off-road. This meant that we were independent of a power supply and could party in places that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Community involvement:

How is Tanzamt involved in the local community? Are there any charity campaigns or initiatives that you support?

As we have met so many different people over the last few years, we have realized that almost everyone has the same opinion on many fundamental issues. That's why we are convinced that if people could vote on political issues themselves, real positive change would happen. So alongside the "Tanzamt project" we have started a new one called "Vote for yourself". We have developed a system that allows people to vote on various issues. Many people have already joined to help implement this new system. So at a local level, work is already underway to implement "Vote for yourself".

Feedback and interaction with the audience:

How do you collect feedback from your audience, and how does this influence the decisions and developments at Tanzamt?

When you throw a good party, we know it, we can feel it in the atmosphere, the crowd is in tune with your music and we can feel it throughout the evening, whether it will be a successful event or not. In addition, socials are a perfect way to test how your event is received. If your audience is talking about your event, you're on the right track. As a tip for anyone looking to organize their first party; try not to set everything out in advance, leave room for creativity and trust the artists you have booked. As the organizer, take some distance after the party has started so you can have a helicopter view and... you can have fun too.

Musical diversity:

Since Tanzamt comes from different countries and cultures, how is this cultural diversity reflected in the music? Are there certain genres or styles that are particularly emphasized?

Now that we live in a digital world, the boundaries are blurring. I think every DJ has realized, also thanks to the many platforms, that the audience has been very diverse in recent years. It's nice to see that people all over the world can find each other to enjoy music. Music is a connection. At bigger events you see that it doesn't matter where you come from, what language you speak, there is a connection through music and that is stronger than any differences. World leaders should take an example of the bond a festival can create.

Peace through music:

How specifically does Tanzamt try to realize the desire for peace through music? realize through music? Are there any special events, projects or initiatives that aim to spread this message?

Peace starts with you, only you can make the difference. Don't be blinded by polarization. Think outside the box, do your research and discover that there are always two sides to a story. With Tanzamt, we try to provide the initial food for thought, like the first domino that can set a very long chain in motion. The snowball effect. We do this above all by starting our sets with text excerpts such as "You are a terrorist". In this set, we responded to Edward Snowden's revelations about the global NSA wiretapping scandal. Furthermore, we always focus on positivity in our sets. War is the opposite of positive. We also take into account which events we want to actively participate in. What message is behind it and whether we can adapt to it.

Community activities:

How do members of the Tanzamt community engage with each other? Are there regular meetings, online interactions or other forms of collaboration?

We stay in touch by phone, but also try to meet up with each other. Due to the distances and different destinations, this is difficult, just like with you and your friends. What we have noticed is that true connection always finds its way.

Values and beliefs:

What values and beliefs are at the heart of Tanzamt? How are these principles implemented in the activities and decisions of the community?

Our generation can make a difference in many areas. Ultimately, we determine what the future of this generation and the next will look like. We always try to send a message with everything we do. But the basic principle remains that everyone has the power to make a difference. In order to structure the whole thing, the direct-democratic principle applies in our community. We are all equal and decide together.


Influence on the world:

To what extent does Tanzamt believe that music and the shared message of peace can bring about positive change in the world? Are there concrete examples or experiences that underline this?

Hard to measure, I can only talk about the people who give feedback, who connect with our network and stand up for their own rights. There are different people who stand up for what they think is important in their own way. This commitment is different for everyone. What strikes me is that part of our community is very committed and cares about society every day. Many successes have been achieved there, but as I said, it's not about the success of any one person or group, it starts with yourself and what you can do.

Collaborations and partnerships:

Does Tanzamt work with other organizations, artists or initiatives to promote the vision of peace through music?

We are always open to cooperation. We have a great connection to a wide variety of partners. It's great to see that there are also many initiatives from our listeners. So you can see that the community and its success are supported by the listeners. Take Jung and Parkinson's, for example, where we were allowed to make music for Parkinson's patients, the sound waves, tones and currents had a very positive effect on the patients.

Current and future projects:

Can you tell us about Tanzamt's current projects or future plans? Are there any special events or milestones that members can look forward to?

The focus is now mainly on implementing Wähle dich and maintaining our community.

Membership fee:

How can interested people become part of the Tanzamt community and what opportunities are there to get actively involved?

Send us a message, everyone is welcome. We are always happy to hear from artists who are willing to make their sets/music available. Think about actively participating in our podcast, radio show and events.

Success stories:

Are there any success stories or special moments in the history of Tanzamt that are particularly outstanding and make the community proud?

We were able to collect many beautiful memories, but the best thing about it is that true friendship always finds its way, no matter the time. A special event for us is and remains the Cococalypse "Tanzofen Festival" in Berlin, where we recorded our "Du bist terrorist" set. We made the trip with 12 enthusiasts from the Netherlands and partied day and night with the team and the audience.

Leitmotif as an artistic medium:

How exactly does Tanzamt use the leitmotif as an artistic tool to convey a message? Are there specific themes or ideas that are particularly emphasized?

We also try to give our artists freedom as to which themes they consider important and how they want to express them. At our events, we choose 1 theme that we particularly emphasize.

Generation-specific message:

How is the message of Tanzamt reflected in relation to the challenges and issues of the current generation? What food for thought would you like to convey to your generation?

One of the most important things to think about is a positive attitude towards life. Many issues that are on people's minds are negative. We hope that people will start thinking of solutions, because only solutions can overcome challenges. You as a person can make a difference. Don't blindly focus on the opinions or rules of others. Immerse yourself in a topic and make your own decisions. This in turn is the transition to Choose Yourself, where your opinion takes center stage. So that we can make decisions for the future on the basis of a truly democratic system.

Positivity is the key to success:

Why did you choose positivity as a key theme? To what extent do you believe that positive thoughts can have an impact on reality?

To quote the metaphysicist Heinz von Foerster:
"You can ask questions that cannot be answered, such as 'How did the universe come into being'. Then I can say one of the 35 different theories"

The explanations for our existence are always theoretical. We live in a "magical" world because none of us knows how everything came about. This in turn means that it is potentially possible that factors that we pay little attention to can be decisive for the reality we experience. One of these factors could be our thoughts. Countless experiments have shown that positive words, beautiful sounds and loving intuition have an influence on the rotting process of rice or fruit, for example. As already mentioned, Masaru Emoto also carried out experiments that showed a change in ice crystals. The theory that positive thoughts have an influence on our lived reality is supported by the "unified field theory". This states that there are only vibrations/frequencies, the material in our world is "illusion". However, this is also only a theory. Now we have experimented a lot with positivity over the years and realized that, at least for us, it had real effects on our lives. To describe the approach a little more simply: "If you want to do something, imagine what the result will look like and then start straight away. Don't waste time thinking about what could go wrong."
This is how we founded Tanzamt, we have hope, a positive attitude and trust in the new young generation.

Respect and dignity:

How does Tanzamt integrate the principles of respect and dignity into your artistic work and into the interaction with your audience?

In our community, everyone is equal. The key to respect and dignity is listening. To understand a person, you always have to listen to the whole story, regardless of whether it matches your own world view. This is the only way to gain understanding; every person should be taken seriously.

Experiment with positive thoughts:

Can you tell us more about how the experiment with positive thoughts began and what amazing results it produced?

Our experiments with positive thinking began when our perspective on our world changed. We were faced with a mountain of new information and insights that we wanted to put into practice. As a result, Tanzamt was born. In a very short time, we had built a community. In our eyes, because we started this project so positively. The result was bookings, followers and lots of people thinking for themselves.

Experiences and learning processes:

What experiences did you have as a group during this time? Were there certain learning processes or insights that were particularly formative?

Not everyone will want to subscribe to the same ideology. Many people are too preoccupied with their own ego and their own plans. We have experienced this a few times. Nevertheless, we see it as a learning process that has only made us stronger in the long run. Having a positive attitude does not automatically mean that you will no longer experience negative situations. However, these exceptions have always turned out to be positive in the end.

Interaction with the audience:

How does the audience react to Tanzamt's message? Are there any particular stories or feedback that have been particularly memorable?

In general, the message of positivity has been well received. Many people understand what we want to achieve and support this project. Several times people have traveled from far and wide to attend our parties. This has always made us very happy, touched and honored.

Meeting great people:

Can you share some of the remarkable encounters or experiences with other people during the time of Tanzamt.

We have had many encounters with a wide variety of people. Each of them was unique and inspired and motivated us. So it's hard to weigh up good against good. We met incredibly talented artists and often talked for hours about various topics.

Fun and creativity:

How does Tanzamt integrate fun and creativity into your artistic work? Are there any particular creative processes or approaches that you pursue?

As a community, we have many different skills that we use as much as possible. This always depends on the situation. Do we need a music video, a graphic, a set, clothing for a party? For each of these areas we have knowledgeable members who give free rein to their creativity. The only thing we pay attention to is positivity.

Future developments:

What plans or developments are there for the future of Tanzamt? Are there any new projects or creative directions that fans can look forward to?

We are planning a new free download series full of beautiful tracks from various artists from all over the world. We are building this colorful collection and are already well on our way.

"Thank you very much for the inspiring interview with Tanzamt!"

Dear Tanzamt team,

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the insightful and inspiring interview! We were deeply impressed by your openness, your passion and your commitment to music, community and social change.

It was a pleasure to learn more about the history and origins of Tanzamt. Your vision of using music not only to entertain but also to convey positive messages and address social issues shows your unique contribution to the music scene.

The diversity of your events, from clubs to festivals, and the conscious choice of social issues are an inspiring example of how music can be a driving force for change. Your emphasis on positivity, respect and equality within your community is commendable and shows that Tanzamt goes far beyond a musical platform.

We are fascinated by your experimentation with technology and innovation, as well as your commitment to local communities and charitable action. The implementation of 'Choose You' as a new system for citizen participation is particularly noteworthy and shows your dedication to positive social change.

Your stories of successful events, collaborations with talented artists and special moments like the "Cococalypse" in Berlin have allowed us to dive deeper into the world of Tanzamt.

Overall, we would like to thank you for your time, your openness and your inspiring work. We look forward to hearing more about your future projects and creative developments.

With best regards

and keep it up!


"Support. Share. Unite!"

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