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A Darker Wave - A platform for emerging artists in electronic music

In the world of electronic music, there is a unique voice that reaches far beyond the mainstream. The duo Jacki-E and P-mac, better known as A Darker Wave, not only creates music, but also a platform to make up-and-coming artists visible. With their eponymous radio show, which airs every Saturday at 10pm (UK time) on NLive Radio and Circl8 Radio, they open the doors to a diverse world of techno, tech house and deep house.

A Darker Wave goes beyond the usual music presentation. The two-hour show begins with a rousing mix that presents the featured EP of the week and the best new releases. But the focus is not just on their own music. In the second hour, they invite up-and-coming DJs to contribute guest mixes, providing a stage for new talent to share their unique soundscapes.

Why do they do that? Jacki-E and P-mac are dedicated to the mission of highlighting the diversity and uniqueness of emerging artists. Their show is more than just a musical journey; it's a creative oasis where the boundaries of electronic music are pushed. The duo's passion lies in giving a voice to artists who might otherwise remain in the shadows of the mainstream.

The connection to the roots of the Dark Wave movement of the 1980s can be seen in their inspiration from artists who not only created music, but also performance art. A Darker Wave is not just a radio show; it is a platform that promotes and makes visible the artists of the new wave of electronic music.

With live performances in Germany, Birmingham, the East Midlands and Brighton Jacki-E and P-mac bridge the gap between their home studio and the world stage. A Darker Wave is a promise that music can be more than just sound - it is a platform on which unique voices can be heard.

Immerse yourself in the world of A Darker Wave and discover how they unleash a new wave of creative energy through their passion for the diversity of electronic music.


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