Draw the Line Radio Show

"Draw the Line Radio Show" - Limitless good music with Jacki-E

Immerse yourself in the world of electronic sounds with the captivating "Draw the Line Radio Show", presented by the talented Jacki-E. This unique radio show invites listeners to discover the best music from female DJs and producers, while sending a clear message against gender inequality in the music scene.

About "Draw the Line Radio Show"

Jacki-E, an outstanding artist and advocate of diversity in electronic dance music, presents a captivating two-hour program every week. The show streams every Friday at 10pm (UK time) on Echo Radio, with a repeat on Saturday at 8pm (UK time) on Circl8 Radio.

Listening experience in a class of its own

The first hour of the "Draw the Line Radio Show" is dedicated to Jacki-E herself as she presents her mix of tracks from talented female artists. In the second hour, she opens up the stage for an invited female DJ to take over the decks and wow the crowd with a rousing mix. The result? A listening experience that convinces and sends an important message about equality at the same time.

Crossing borders, drawing lines

"Draw the Line Radio Show" is more than just music. It's a platform that breaks boundaries in the music scene while highlighting the talent of female artists. This show is a call to draw lines together and celebrate diversity in the world of electronic music.

Listen in and make a statement!

Don't miss the opportunity to enter the „Draw the Line Radio Show“ and embark on a journey through the fascinating world of electronic sounds. Listen live on Echo Radio via echoradio.vip and on Circl8 Radio via www.circl8radio.com.

It's time to draw the lines and be inspired by the unique music of Jacki-E!


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