MPathy – Steyoyoke Podcast #105

Podcast expedition through ethereal techno with MPathy

Immerse yourself in the magical world of Ethereal Techno with MPathy’s newest Podcast. Through a masterfully curated selection of tracks, this mix takes us on a fascinating journey through profound and atmospheric soundscapes. The concept of the Podcasts goes beyond a simple compilation of tracks and tells a musical story that captivates the listener.

MPathy cleverly integrates exclusive IDs, including his own mesmerizing tracks such as 'Spike' and 'Akira', adding a personal touch to the mix. The selection spans renowned artists such as Matador, Modeplex and Pavel Petrov, creating a multi-layered and innovative mix.

The Podcast shows not only MPathys wide musical spectrum, but also his ability to create a unique atmosphere that takes the listener on an audiovisual journey of discovery. Overall, the Podcast the essence of MPathys artistic creation and reflects the innovative spirit of Steyoyoke.

We were so impressed by this captivating set that we wanted to find out more about the creative background of MPathy wanted to experience. The unique atmosphere, coupled with the variety of tracks presented, aroused our curiosity. For this reason we have MPathy for an interview in order to gain a deeper insight into his musical world and the creation of this outstanding Podcasts to receive. We look forward to learning more about what the future holds for MPathy and his artistic journey.

"Die Kunst des Spontanen: Fragen und Antworten zum Podcast"

Podcast concept: Is there a specific concept or story behind this podcast? How do you decide which tracks to present in a particular mix?

I listen to a lot of music and also follow other producers on social media to find new music and usually decide which tracks to use just before the podcast deadline.

Collaborations and exclusives: How do you come to feature exclusive IDs in your mixes? Do you have specific artists that you would like to feature in your podcasts?

I don't have any preferences. I have to like the music. That's why I don't prepare podcasts for the long term. They usually come out of the moment and with tracks that I currently like and that fit into my repertoire and style.

Musical journey in the podcast: How do you try to take the listener on a sonic journey? Is there a particular mood or emotion that you want to convey through the mix?

At the beginning it tends to be a bit calmer and towards the end more progressive/technoid. It's important to me to show the range that I stand for. Although that's not really possible for me within a podcast, because otherwise I would have to go up to 140BPM. 😉

Your own tracks in the mix: How do you integrate your own tracks into your podcasts? Is there a certain approach to ensure that they harmonize well with the other tracks?

I've been using the 'Mixed in Key' software for many years, especially to get an idea of which tracks harmonize well with each other. This has always worked quite well for me.

Listener interaction: Do you take listener feedback into account when compiling your podcasts? How does the audience's reaction influence your future mixes?

Not at all, because I have to feel the music in the moment. Because if I don't, I can't expect others to like it either.

Technical aspects: What equipment and software do you use to record your podcasts? Are there any particular technical aspects that you attach particular importance to?

I usually use the Allen & Heath Xone:92 mixer, laptop, Traktor, Traktor controller and a KAOSS pad. Sometimes I also mix in vinyl, as we at Steyoyoke have also released a lot of music on vinyl records. I also use Ableton for post-processing.

Favorite moments in the podcast: Are there certain moments or tracks in this podcast that are particularly meaningful or inspiring to you?

They do exist. When you prepare a podcast, moments arise that can be magical. For me, this refers in particular to the transitions when you let two tracks become one, so to speak. I'm quite a perfectionist when it comes to that, sometimes perhaps too much so.

Connection to the Steyoyoke philosophy: How is the artistic philosophy of Steyoyoke reflected in this podcast, especially in relation to ethereal techno?

I wouldn't say about my music that my sound is exclusively 'Ethereal Techno', but rather a mixture of many genres. From Down Tempo to Afro House to Peak Time Techno. I don't want to commit myself, but rather remain free in my choice of music and play what I feel and like at that moment.

MPathy the interview: "Focus on musical magic and openness!"

The personality behind the beats revealed!

Immerse yourself in the fascinating universe of MPathy, the sound adventurer with a youth without electronic love. Find out how diligence, ambition and open-heartedness are the cornerstones of his success. From hard techno roots to the unfolding of melodic techno, embark on a journey through the layered emotions and untold stories that shape his music. Are you ready to discover the soul behind the beats? ...


"We say thank you!"

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to MPathy not only for his musical brilliance, but also for his impressive openness and collaboration. The captivating interview and the enchanting Steyoyoke Podcast #105, are a reflection of MPathy’s Passion for electronic music.

His willingness to share insights into his creative world has inspired not only our readers, but also our entire team. The unique personality of MPathy and his commitment to music have left an unforgettable impression.

Thank you very much, MPathy, for creating soundscapes that enchant us all. We look forward to further musical adventures and innovations from this talented sound adventurer.


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