Publication date: January 19, 2024

M8 Sound is pleased to announce the upcoming release of DJ CHOON's "KNOW OUR NAMES EP"! This groundbreaking work will see the light of day on January 19, 2024 and promises a musical journey that will send clubs worldwide into ecstasy.


International collaboration: Celebrate diversity with artists from different corners of the world:

CHOON (United Kingdom):

A passionate artist in the techno scene, he is characterized by his unique sound and creative approach. His musical brilliance spans genre boundaries, while emphasizing that techno is not just a music genre, but a lifestyle for him. With an impressive determination to succeed DJ Choon not only aims high for himself, but also generously shares his knowledge to inspire others in music production. CHOON the interview!

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N.O.B.A. (France):

Known for his fascinating "techno" style, a successful fusion of old club sounds and modern techno. His music is played and supported by international greats such as Amelie Lens, Dj Rush, Sam Paganini, Charlotte de Witte, Deborah de Luca, Steve Shaden, Sebastian Groth, Laurent Garnier, Klaudia Gawlas, Yves Deruyter, Dok & Martin, Nina Kravitz ... and many others.

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Sandro Mure

Sandro Mure (Germany):

Born in Frankfurt am Main, this talented DJ and producer is particularly known for his outstanding hard techno productions. His impressive portfolio includes tracks such as "Tanz der Träume", and his involvement in Special Remix Series has earned him a firm place in the electronic scene.

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Rakkatack (Netherlands):

A DJ group of five music enthusiasts, specialized in the playback and production of electronic music, especially in the techno genre. They have released numerous tracks in the dark techno genre and are residents at clubs such as Magistrat in The Hague.

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Lively Racket

Lively Racket (Irland):

Lively Racket, formerly known as Tek-Nik, is an up and coming artist from the mid-west of Ireland. With a deep passion for heavy electronic music, including influences from The Prodigy to techno greats such as Carl Cox, he has been producing hard techno under the name Lively Racket since 2020. In the same year, he founded his own record label, "Lively Sounds", and is known for mixing different hard genres in his productions and DJ sets. His releases on renowned labels such as DSR Digital, Fatal Energy and Eclipse Recordings bear witness to his recognition in the electronic music scene.

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Artistic Diversity: The collaborative EP showcases a fusion of unique talents, where each artist's renowned skills result in an unparalleled musical experience. Each artist brings a distinct artistic perspective, and the EP contributes significantly to shaping the techno scene with its technical finesse and versatility. This creative symbiosis fuses different sound signatures into a unique harmony, taking listeners on an unforgettable journey through the many facets of electronic music.

Sound Experience: Expect a powerful blend of pounding beats, relentless energy and innovative elements. The hypnotic vocals that wind their way through the tracks add an extra dimensional layer to the music. The tracks are designed to send clubs into ecstasy. The EP combines the infectious peak-time energy à la Charlotte de Witte with the powerful dynamics of hard techno, occasionally refined with subtle elements of hardstyle. The energetic sound is driving and full of power, ready to set dance floors on fire. The hypnotic vocals add another dimension and take the audience on a captivating journey. These tracks are the key to unforgettable nights where the dance floor pulsates and the music penetrates the soul. It's a musical experience that pushes boundaries, cleverly combining melodic elements with energetic beats and hypnotic vocals.

The artists have once again proven that they are more than just globally recognized DJs - they are gifted producers. With their new EP "KNOW OUR NAMES", they play a crucial role in shaping the techno scene. Not only are their performances known for their electrifying energy, but their technical skills and versatility as producers radiate pure energy. This is peak-time hard techno at its finest. No wonder they release for renowned labels. The collaboration with Gene Karz from eclipserecordings is a stroke of luck for all sides. The artists, keep up the good work with this driving energy and keep pounding the clubs and dancefloors worldwide! M8 Sound thanks you for the opportunity to be part of this exciting adventure!


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