„Podcasts & Radioshows“

"Welcome to the fascinating world of Podcasts & Radioshows with M8 Sound. These acoustic experiences are more than just melodies - they are windows to a variety of sounds. Each Podcasts & Radioshows opens doors to a universe that not only entertains but also stimulates the mind.

M8 Sound creates Podcasts & adioshows, that not only reach ears, but also touch hearts. This creates an atmosphere that not only provides entertainment, but also forms a community and creates unforgettable moments. Each show is designed with dedication and precision to evoke emotions.

Our podcasts & radio shows inspire listeners worldwide and invite them to become part of this thrilling experience. They are the pinnacle of entertainment and inspiration.

Ready to share with you the fascination and inspiring diversity of the Podcasts & Radioshows of M8 Sound be carried away?

Join our vibrant community and be inspired by the diversity and captivating energy of our acoustic experiences."

Techno Topic


"Welcome to Techno Topic - your monthly companion through the world of electronic beats!"

Andy Pirie, a seasoned connoisseur of vinyl culture, has rekindled his passion for DJing after a ten-year hiatus. In his captivating show, which appears monthly, Andi not only presents his love of techno

'Techno Topic' invites you on an eclectic musical journey through timeless beats and sounds. In this podcast series, Andy welcomes regularly changing guests who present their unique soundscapes. From classics to contemporary tracks, each episode offers a new interpretation of the genre and presents a wide range of electronic music.

Guest vs. M8 Sound


"In a world of pulsating sounds and electronic creations, a stage opens up on which the diversity of music comes to life. Here, at "Guest vs M8 Sound", the beats merge in a lively dance of electronic fusion. Behind the decks are Kytec, also known as Kybanetic, and L75, a DJ duo who unite their passion for electronic melodies under the name M8 Sound.

In this unique show format, the guest DJs are the real heroes. They take to the stage with their individual sets and take the audience on a journey through their musical worlds. 45 minutes are all theirs to present their personal styles and soundscapes.

Then Kytec and L75 take the helm. Their music seamlessly complements that of the guests, weaving into the previous creations and creating a fusion of diverse influences. It's more than just a show. It's a fusion of different sound aesthetics, an ode to the diversity of electronic music.

It is a musical symbiosis in which different worlds of sound merge and create an unforgettable listening experience. An invitation to lose yourself in this dialog of sounds, while electronic beats form a journey through a diverse landscape of music. Welcome to "Guest vs M8 Sound" - here the sounds merge into an unforgettable symphony."

Techno Pulse


"Welcome to an extraordinary journey - Techno Pulse Radio on Bataklank Radio on November 15, 2023.

DJ CHOON (UK) cordially invites you to experience his pulsating radio show, Techno Pulse Radio. We, the DJ duo M8 Sound, Kytec aka Kybanetic and L75, will enrich the stage with our electrifying sets.

In this unique radio show, we present a variety of electronic sounds that will take you on a journey through the dazzling world of music. An experience that reflects the pulse of the techno scene and takes your senses into a world full of energetic beats and captivating melodies.

Together with DJ CHOON (UK) we create a broadcast on Bataklank Radio that redefines the boundaries of electronic music. Together, let's make November 15, 2023 a day where electronic sounds touch the soul and make the heart beat faster.

You are invited to be part of this musical adventure as we join forces for Techno Pulse Radio on Bataklank Radio. Look forward to an evening of pulsating sounds and unforgettable beats."

A Darker Wave


"Immerse yourself in A Darker Wave - a unique journey through the electronic music landscape. This radio show is hosted by jacki-e & p-mac and takes place every Saturday at 22:00 UK time, 23:00 CET on NLive Radio (www.nliveradio.com) and Circl8 Radio (www.circl8radio.com). On November 25, 2023, the DJ duo M8 Sound, consisting of DJ Kytec aka Kybanetic & DJ L75, will be special guests on this special edition. The show will be streamed worldwide via the Tune In Radio app.

The music presented in this radio show covers a broad spectrum, from techno to tech house and deep house. Each two-hour show offers a fascinating journey for listeners. The first hour focuses on the EP of the week and the best new releases. In the second hour, they invite up-and-coming DJs to present a guest mix - a platform to promote emerging talent. The shows are available after the live stream on their Soundcloud and Mixcloud page.

Prepare for a special edition of A Darker Wave on November 25, 2023 as jacki-e & p-mac redefine the world of electronic music with special guests Kytec aka Kybanetic & L75. Join them on this electronic journey as soundscapes are explored and talent is nurtured. Be there as A Darker Wave pushes the boundaries of electronic music."

A Darker Wave - Podcast

coming soon



"Follower: The diversity in electronic sounds"

Immerse yourself in an innovative podcast series called „Follower„, presented by the dynamic DJ duo Kytec aka Kybanetic and L75 as part of the fascinating world of M8 Sound. This project celebrates the unique connection between musicians and their loyal followers by taking the diversity of electronic music to a new level.

In this unique series, listeners have the opportunity to take an active part. The concept is simple but extremely effective: followers and listeners are invited to send in their favorite tracks - the songs that make their heart beat faster, lift their spirits and touch their soul.

The impressive variety of tracks submitted forms the basis for a special set carefully curated and mixed by M8 Sound. The best tracks, passionately selected by the audience, blend into a harmonious mix that reflects the essence and breadth of electronic music.

The release of this special set under the title "Follower" is more than just a compilation of tracks. It is a tribute to the wide-ranging community of music lovers and a homage to the diversity of electronic soundscapes.

The project paints a picture of unity and diversity in music that transcends genres and borders. Every single note and melody is a celebration of the community and musical preferences of our audience.

"Follower" is therefore a podcast that puts the voices and tastes of its loyal followers in the foreground. It is an ode to the power and beauty of diversity reflected in electronic music.

Join us on this special journey, where the music is not only created by the artists, but is significantly shaped by the community. In this unique project, a truly impressive listening experience emerges from the multitude of musical tastes.

We cordially invite you to be a part of this sound journey. Be inspired by the diversity of electronic music and join us in celebrating the magic that happens when music and community come together.