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Welcome to M8 Sound, where the power of music is brought to new life. We are the DJ duo Kytec Aka KybaneticL75 and firmly believe that sounds and melodies have the power to break boundaries, open hearts and bring about change.

Our music is an expression of freedom, passion and the unshakeable belief that we can make a positive difference with every beat.

M8 Sound stands for the conviction that music is a universal language that connects us all. Our sets contain emotions, stories and dreams that we want to bring to life with every single note and share this moment with you.

Our name symbolizes the power we attribute to music. The eight stands for infinity and symbolizes the unity and cooperation between us, Kytec aka Kybanetic & L75, and our audience and the endless possibilities that music offers us. It represents the cycle of life that manifests itself through melodies and rhythms. M8 Sound is the connection between creativity and energy that drives us to enrich the world with our music.

We believe that music inspires us, encourages us and gives us strength in times of challenge.

In a world that is often dominated by noise and chaos, we want to create a counterbalance with our sounds. We want to create an atmosphere where people come together to move, dance and enjoy the moment. Our music should carry you away, open your hearts and make you believe in the power of your own dreams.

Experience the power of sharing music and the ability to inspire people and create positive change.

Become part of our journey and we will experience the transformative power of music together.

Together we can unleash the power of music and create a resonance that reaches far beyond the dancefloor. Immerse yourself in our soundscapes, let yourself be carried away by the beats and feel the power of music unfold. M8 Sound - together we create something special.