Follower: Community-curated podcast

"Welcome to the site of the unique podcast "Follower“ from M8 Sound. This is a collection of the most diverse electronic sounds, compiled by our passionate listeners.

The essence of this podcast lies in the unique dynamic between DJ duo Kytec aka Kybanetic and L75 and the listeners of M8 Sound. "Follower“ is the result of a collaborative effort that celebrates the diversity of electronic music.

Our loyal followers have a crucial role to play in this fascinating project. Listeners were asked to submit their favorite tracks - the songs that move, inspire and engage them. The diverse selection of tracks, compiled by the passionate listeners, is the basis for the special set of this podcast.

In "Follower", each track is a narrative, a musical journey shaped by the hearts and tastes of our community. It's a platform that celebrates the diversity of electronic sounds and invites listeners to bring their voices and tastes to the world of music.

The result is a unique composition that showcases the diversity of electronic music. This podcast is the embodiment of a collaborative celebration of the diverse sounds that move and inspire our audience.

Discover here the dedication, passion and diversity that lies in every single track of "Follower". Let yourself be carried away by the magic that happens when the voices and preferences of our community merge into a powerful and harmonious soundscape.

Take your pick, dive in and be inspired by the diversity of electronic music. „Follower“ is not just a podcast; it's a result of a collaborative synergy that celebrates sonic diversity."