"Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of house, techno and hard techno. We present a kaleidoscope of electronic music to move your soul and bring the night to life."

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Experience the rhythmic pulse of House-Musik. From melodic sounds to rousing beats - find the essence of electronic dance music here.


Lose yourself in the hypnotizing sounds of the Techno. Immerse yourself in a world where pulsating rhythms and futuristic sounds make you forget time.


Experience the electrifying and dynamic sounds of the Hard-Techno. Here you can expect pulsating beats that will take you on a musical journey beyond the ordinary.

Welcome to the „Only Vinyl“ section, where the pulsating soundscapes are created exclusively from the unique grooves of vinyl records. Kytec aka Kybanetic - A true master of analog sound - invites you on a journey through the ages, from disco to modern techno beats, presented on the only true medium: vinyl.

„Guest VS. M8 Sound“

'The Greatest DJ'

"Experience the legends of turntables & decks!" Welcome to 'Guest VS. M8 Sound' discover the legends behind the beats! From new talents to established icons - experience how their sets redefine the boundaries of electronic music. Let yourself be carried away as the guests and M8 Sound unite to create an incomparable fusion of musical masterpieces.