Welcome to the „Only Vinyl“ section, where the pulsating soundscapes are created exclusively from the unique grooves of vinyl records. Kytec aka Kybanetic - A true master of analog sound - invites you on a journey through the ages, from disco to modern techno beats, presented on the only true medium: vinyl.

Here, the history of music is brought to life on the turntables. DJ Kytec The DJs master the art of DJing and take you into a world where vinyl records bring to life the essence of the disco era, the creativity of house, the soundscapes of techno and the powerful beats of hard techno and hardstyle. Every beat and every transition tells a story that makes the dance floor pulsate.

Get swept away by the unforgettable melodies, driving rhythms and powerful bass that only the analog warmth of vinyl records can deliver. It's an experience that honors the past while celebrating the future of electronic music. Immerse yourself in the sounds of disco, house, techno, hard techno and hardstyle - here at „Only Vinyl“.