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Our "Articles" section at M8 Sound Magazine! Here the beats combine with words to weave a symphonic melody of stories, experiences and innovations in techno culture.

In "Article" we dive deep into the past of club death, the bureaucratic waltzes of the scene and the epic struggles of beats. Our stories are more than words on a screen; they are the heartbeat of a vibrant community characterised by DIY culture and experimental soundscapes.

Experience the challenges of visibility in the techno scene and discover how the old underground cultures leave their mark on the present. "Articles" is the place where minimalism meets innovation and the essence of the techno soul is revealed.

Join us on a journey through subcultural identities, alternative art and the true stories behind the beats. "Article" - where techno is not only heard, but lived. Discover the magic of music through our words.


"The epic battle of the beats - a club dying adventure with groove and a twinkle in the eye"

Prologue: The golden era of the nights

Once upon a time, in the heyday of the night, the streets of our city pulsated to the beat of lively beats. The disco balls swirled like sparkling shooting stars and the clubs were places of unforgettable adventures. But now, in the shadows of club death, a story begins that is as wild, funny and full of twists and turns as a DJ set that blows your mind. ...


"Through fog and beats: the challenges of visibility in the techno scene"

Shining in the dizzying heights of the techno music scene is like a daring climb through the peaks of electronic sounds. But on this stimulating summit, aspiring techno producers and DJs encounter two particularly treacherous opponents: "high competition" and "lack of visibility". ...


"The longing for the roots: Let's remember the underground culture of the 90s"

In today's fast-paced world of music, we sometimes feel like we've lost something - the raw energy, creativity and independence that once defined the 90s techno scene. Back then, in the dizzying heights of underground culture, music pulsated in abandoned warehouses ...