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Sound Safari - Podcasts - Techno

Embark on an acoustic journey through the electronic world with the captivating podcasts in our "Podcasts" category at Sound Safari.

Here we present a diverse selection of techno podcasts that not only tell the history of the scene, but also take a look into the future. From exciting conversations with techno pioneers to exclusive mixes from up-and-coming talents, Sound Safari Podcasts offers an audiophile oasis for all lovers of electronic sounds. Immerse yourself in the world of sound, be part of the conversation and discover techno in a new, immersive way. Sound Safari Podcasts - your portal to the most innovative worlds of sound!


A Darker Wave

A platform for up-and-coming artists in electronic music

In the world of electronic music, there is a unique voice that reaches far beyond the mainstream. The duo Jacki-e and P-mac, better known as A Darker Wave, create not only music, but a platform to give visibility to emerging artists....


Draw the Line Radio Show

Limitless good music with Jacki-E

Dive into the world of electronic sounds with the captivating "Draw the Line Radio Show" presented by the talented Jacki-E. This unique radio show invites listeners to discover the best music from female DJs and producers, while sending a clear message against gender inequality in the music scene....


MPathy - Steyoyoke Podcast #105

Podcast expedition through ethereal techno with MPathy

The magical world of Ethereal Techno with MPathy's latest podcast. Through a masterfully curated selection of tracks, this mix takes us on a mesmerizing journey through profound and atmospheric soundscapes. The concept of the podcast goes beyond a simple compilation of tracks to tell a musical story that captivates the listener. ...