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Die Macher – Unsere Autoren

Dive into the fascinating world behind the beats - in our section "The Makers - Our Authors"

Here we introduce the creative minds that shape the heartbeat of the techno scene. Here we reveal the stories, passions and artistic journeys of our writers who bring more than just words to the screen.

Find out what inspires them, which beats make their hearts beat faster, and how they enrich techno culture with their unique perspective. "The Makers" opens the door to the individual sound worlds of our authors, who work behind the scenes on the beats to capture the essence of electronic music.

Join us on a journey through the stories that make our authors the movers and shakers in the world of techno. This is not just where music is made - this is where the future of beats is created.


Jacki-E: A sound maker with energy and passion

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Jacki-E, an outstanding DJ and producer from the vibrant United Kingdom. With a unique mix of techno and drum & bass, Jacki-E has established herself as an outstanding personality in the electronic music scene. Her musical journey manifests itself in two weekly radio shows: "Draw The Line", which presents a diverse range of music by women, and "A Darker Wave", which showcases the latest techno releases. ...


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