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Sound Safari - DJ Sets - Techno

Experience the captivating fusion of pulsating rhythms and electronic beats in our "DJ Sets" category at Sound Safari. 

Here we take you on a journey through the diverse world of techno DJ sets. From up-and-coming mix masters to the legendary decks of the scene, we offer an eclectic selection that captures the heartbeat of electronic music. Feel the energy, experience the flow and immerse yourself in the magical symbiosis of sound and techno. Sound Safari DJ Sets - your destination for the ultimate techno trip!


"The epic battle of the beats - a club dying adventure with groove and a twinkle in the eye"

Prologue: The golden era of the nights

Once upon a time, in the heyday of the night, the streets of our city pulsated to the beat of lively beats. The disco balls swirled like sparkling shooting stars and the clubs were places of unforgettable adventures. But now, in the shadows of club death, a story begins that is as wild, funny and full of twists and turns as a DJ set that blows your mind. ...